Of Night & Day

The day/night cycle has been implemented into the game in its base form, and with it comes a whole range of new possibilities:

  • Plants that require sunlight to grow will only grow during the day.
  • Certain consumables will only be available at night, encouraging the player to brave the dangers of night.
  • Wildlife changes from day to night (switching between diurnal and nocturnal).
    • Dangerous wildlife will pervade more at night time whilst the neutral animals will be more elusive at night.
  • Man’s perception of the world (and thus how it is portrayed to the player) becomes skewed by fear.
    • The further Man travels from his camp, the more intense the fear becomes.
  • Fire maintenance throughout the night to drive away dangerous animals.

These are just a few of the possible mechanics for night time gameplay. The intention is to use Man’s primal psychological fear to create an alternate reality outside the safety of his camp, and take what is safe during the day and turn that sense of security on its head.

Completely off the topic of day/night cycles, here are some new art assets I’ve created for the game. Note the day/night ‘clock’ at the bottom left. As of now I’m using it for debug purposes, but if it proves useful in a gameplay sense I might leave it in.

Some new art assets.

Some new art assets.


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One Response to Of Night & Day

  1. Lynsey says:

    This is sounding like a fun take on the survival/exploration genre, keep it up! Meanwhile, looking forward to future updates. 🙂

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